OPS 1-TOUCH Cartridge Foaming Soap

Replacement Soap Cartridges for the
OPS® 1-TOUCH™ Foam Soap Dispensers

beaker-animation The patented OPS­ high security 1-TOUCH Soap Dispenser is not only vandal proof, but also adds 14 times the volume to our OPS skin care products by changing it to a rich foam. This reduces product consumption by 90%. The clinging foam spreads more evenly for a more effective application.

OPS Hand, Hair & Body Foamy Shampoo (Refill Cartridges)

OPS Hand, Hair & Body Shampoo is the one product that does it all. It has a clean scent and rich feel.
This free rinsing soap is ideal for any public shower facility.
OPS Hand, Hair and Body Shampoo also works well
as a Shaving Foam!

OPS ECO Foaming Hand Soap (Refill Cartridges)

OPS ECO – Foaming Hand Soap is a biodegradable / non-toxic formulation that is approved by the US EPA as environmentally friendly hand soap. This gentle hand soap cleans and rinses completely.
Design for the EnvironmentIt was formulated as a safer and more economical alternative to conventional hand soaps. Light citrus fragrance.

OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer (Refill Cartridges)

OPS Instant Hand Sanitizer is confirmed to reduce harmful bacteria by 99.99% in as little as 15 seconds. It is a fast drying, non-sticky foam that contains unique non-drying, conditioning and moisturizing ingredients.

It leaves the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel, and does not contain polymer thickeners or silicones. Alcohol Free!!

OPS AB Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap (Refill Cartridges) – Effective At Defeating MRSA!

OPS AB is an Antibacterial Soap / Skin Cleanser eliminates 99.9 to 99.999% of  most bacteria in only 15 seconds.  It is a balance of a powerful yet gentle antibacterial agent with an effective surfactant, moisturizer and conditioning agents to create a foaming soap that leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.  Effective against MRSA!  Alcohol Free! Triclosan Free!