Restaurant – Quick Serve and Casual

restaurantsoapdispensers-225x300The OPS® 1-Touch™ Restaurant Soap Dispenser cannot be removed from the wall by simply lifting up, since it is not mounted onto a bracket, but are anchored from the inside of the dispenser onto the wall. The Slanted top discourages patrons to use it as a cup holder!

The lock is made of stainless steel with a circular key that will protect the soap from theft, damage or tampering.

The OPS 1-TOUCH soap dispenser is suitable for use in guest restrooms as well as in the kitchen restrooms for your staff!

Simply put, the OPS 1-TOUCH wall soap dispenser offers the only choice for truly reliable hand soap delivery for high volume restrooms. The OPS 1-TOUCH Dispenser’s Stainless Steel body and construction help create a healthy environment by providing the availability of Hand Soap or Instant Hand Sanitizer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.