Patient Safe Indestructible Hospital & Medical Center Soap Dispensers from Archer

hospital_soap_dispensersThe OPS® 1-Touch™ Soap Dispenser is the only Indestructible & Suicide Resistant Soap Dispenser in the world. Wall-Mounted, Securely Locked, and 100% vandal proof, you won’t have to worry about this dispenser breaking or causing your patients harm.

The OPS® 1-Touch™ Soap Dispenser is Suicide Resistant in 4 ways:

• Ligation Resistant with no hang points
• Smooth Edges to Prevent Self Cutting
• No External Parts to Break Off, Swallow, and Choke On
• No Weapon Stock to be Used on Oneself, Other Patients, or Staff.

The OPS® 1-Touch™ offers the only choice for reliable, safe, and maintenance free hand soap delivery in hospital restrooms. A statement that Archer Manufacturing supports with the OPS 1-TOUCH Warranty.