High Schools, Colleges & Universities

SchoolsThe OPS® 1-TOUCH™ Soap Dispenser can be installed in any restroom and remain undamaged by students for as long as the walls are standing. Ideal for use in all Student Restrooms, Outdoor Restrooms and Locker Rooms.

For Staff areas use the Plastic 1-Touch Dispenser where vandalism is not an issue.

  • A single refill of OPS Foamy Soap can have over 5000 hand washings!
  • No buttons, levers or plungers that can be broken or even kicked off!
  • The dispenser is punch proof, kick proof and knife proof, we guarantee it!





Simply put, the OPS 1-TOUCH wall soap dispenser offers the only choice for truly reliable hand soap delivery for high volume restrooms. The OPS 1-TOUCH Dispenser’s Stainless Steel body and construction help create a healthy environment by providing the availability of Hand Soap or Instant Hand Sanitizer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. OPS 1-TOUCH Warranty