About Us

Archer Manufacturing has been in business for over 25 years.  We are based near San Francisco, California and proud to say that 100% of our products are made in the United States.

Safety and Security are very important to Archer Manufacturing.  Our goal is to provide the safest dispensers and cleaning products in the world.  To that end, all of our stainless steel dispensers are both Indestructible and Suicide Resistant.  No weapons can be made from them, no harm can come from them, and they are securely locked to stop all soap contamination.

Archer Manufacturing is committed to protecting the environment.  Every soap, sanitizer, and cleaning product that can be “green”, is “green.”  Those products that (by nature) cannot be green are highly effective at protecting the public, and kill almost every infection out there (including MRSA.)

We are also committed to serving the community.  Archer Manufacturing is proud to hire veterans and workers with disabilities both within our company and through support of our partners.  One of our partners is Access N.J., a non-profit organization committed to providing jobs to disabled workers in New Jersey who cannot find employment anywhere else.  Archer Manufacturing also supports the Federal Inmate Training Program UNICOR.  UNICOR’s mission is to train inmates and teach them job skills so that when they rejoin society they can find gainful employment and not commit more crime.

We sell many products here at Archer Manufacturing.  Our two most popular product lines are our Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers (www.vandalproof.org) and our Inmate Proof Cleaning Chemical Dispensers (vandalproof.org/solo).  Both dispensers come with a 5 year warranty against vandalism.  If you are working for a facility facing any vandalism, security, or suicide risk concern, please give us a call today.  We’ll be happy to help.